Electrical Insulating Materials

Products for Electrical Castings:
Low, Medium & High voltage casting, SF6 arc chamber

Products for Traction (Railway Motors) Machines:
VPI-vacuum pressure impregnation resin system

Products for Motors & Generators:
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation)resin systems based on epoxy resins (Class F & H) and polyesterimides (Class F & H)

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Marine Chemicals

Exploration Chemicals:
Streamer oil with ultra-low viscosity, streamer oil with low viscosity, etc.

Production Chemicals:
Pour point depressant, demulsifier, oxygen scavenger, etc.

Maintenance Chemicals:
Oil spill dispersant, non-caustic degreaser, cooling water additive, sludge remover for petroleum tank, non-emulsifiable degreaser

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Matrix Resin Systems, Adhesives & Accessories

Composite Resins:
Bisphenol-A-diglycidyl ether based resin

Composite Hardeners:
There are different types of hardeners for curing epoxy resins namely amines, acids

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Construction Adhesives and Allied Products

Adhesives which can be used for construction that can adhere any two substrates.Adhesives which can be used for construction that can adhere any two substrates. These are used for extension of beams and columns.

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Corrosion Protection Coatings

Epoxy clear lacquer, epoxy zinc chromate primer, epoxy zinc phosphate primer, epoxy zinc rich primer

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Electrical & Structural Composites & Pre-Pregs

Electronic composites emphasize high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, low dielectric constant

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Test Fixtures for Mechanical Testing

Mechanical test fixtures- Designed and/or fabricated as per various International (ASTM/ ISO/ DIN) and Indian Standards.

Special adapters to mate our various test fixtures to any testing machine can be provided at nominal cost.

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