Tinius Olsen Environmental chamber (Ambient to 300ºC)

Tinius Olsen 100kN UTM with Imetrum Video Extensometer

Tinius Olsen 100 kN UTM

Tinius Olsen 50 kN UTM with Environmental Chamber

Imetrum Video Extensometer

Imetrum Video Extensometer

Category Sr. No. Name of Test Test Method
Resins ,Plastics and Polymers, Rubber 1 Tensile Properties of Plastics (Tensile strength, % Elongation, E-modulus) ASTM D 638-14
2 Deflection temperature of Plastics under load/Heat deflection temperature ISO 75-Part 1&2-2004
3 Compressive Properties of Plastic Materials ASTM D 695-08
4 Water absorption of plastics ASTM D 570-10
5 Density & Specific gravity of Plastics by Displacement ASTM D 792-91
6 Durometer Hardness  by Shore A ASTM D 2240 – 04
7 Durometer Hardness by Shore D ASTM D 2240 – 04
8 Resistance of Plastics to chemical reagents ASTM D 543-06
9 Volume Shrinkage ISO 3521-2003
10 Poisson’s Ratio ASTM D 638-14
Reinforced and unreinforced plastics 1 Flexural properties of unreinforced and reinforced plastics & electrical insulating materials (Flexural strength & Flexural Modulus) ASTM D 790-10
2 Indentation Hardness by means of Barcol impressor ASTM D 2583-07
Polymer matrix  composite materials 1 Tensile properties of polymer matrix composite materials ASTM D 3039-/ISO 527-4-1997
2 Short-Beam strength of polymer Matrix composite materials/ Interlaminar shear strength test of composites ASTM D 2344-06
3 Mid span Deflection ASTM D 790-10
4 Compressive Properties of Polymer matrix Composite Materials ASTM D 3410-08
5 Hoop Tensile strength of reinforced plastic pipes ASTM D 2290-08
6 Water absorption properties of Polymer matrix composite materials ASTM D 5229-10
7 Properties of continuous filament carbon & graphite tow ASTM D 4018-04
8 Constituent content test of Glass, carbon reinforced composites (Fiber content, Void content) EN 2564-98
9 Constituent content of composite materials ASTM D 3171-09
10 Tensile Single Lap shear strength Pr En 6060/ASTM D 3164-14
11 In-Plane Shear Strength test ASTM D 3846-08
12 Shear Properties by V-Notched beam method ASTM D 5379-12
13 Shear Properties by V-notched rail Shear Method ASTM D 7078-12
14 Poisson’s Ratio ASTM D 3039
15 Shear Modulus FF/TM-111
16 Flammability Test UL 94/IS 6746


Category Sr. No. Name of Test Test Method
FRP bonding Adhesives 1 Lap Shear adhesion for Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Bonding ASTM D 5868-08
Rigid to rigid bonding Adhesive 1 Tensile lap-shear strength of rigid to rigid bonded assemblies(LSS on Al-Panels) ISO 4587-2003
2 T-Peel test for flexible to flexible bonded assemblies ISO 11339
Impregnating Agents 1 Bond strength of test for impregnating agents IEC 61033-04
2 Temperature index by bond strength-helical coil method UL-1446
3 Thermal Index of Varnishes & Resin ASTM D 3521/ASTM D 3415
Sandwich Core Materials 1 Flexural Stiffness ASTM D 7250-12
2 Core shear Modulus ASTM D 7250-12
3 Transverse Shear rigidity ASTM D 7250-12
4 Flatwise Tensile Strength ASTM C 297-10
5 Facing Stress ASTM C 393-11
6 Core Shear Stress ASTM C 393-11
7 Shear Strength ASTM C 273-11
8 Shear Modulus ASTM C 273-11
9 Density ASTM C 271-11
10 Compressive Strength ISO 844-14
11 Compressive Modulus ISO 844-14